Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sadder and sadder!

Today Mum and I looked at memorial stones and designs. I want to have mine picked out too. I don't want the kids to have to worry about these things one day.

Mum decided on one with a Celtic cross and the words "Peace be With You". We'll glue a picture of it into her funeral planning book.

I was so sad for her today! She says she's too frightened to stay in her house now that she's flooded the kitchen and caused thousands of dollars' worth of damage. She says she gets up through the night to look and see if there are any taps left on.

I don't know how I will calm her down enough so she can stay in her house with her cat a little bit longer. I had a good cry when she said she thinks she is dying. I said, "Yes, you are dying and it's very hard on me with no-one to help me!"

We had a walk on the beach in the rain with the dogs. That was quite nice.

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