Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Going out for lunch is a good idea

I take Mum out to the club for lunch every day. She likes this and always cheers up. If she is in a negative mood or plain angry, she changes once she gets into the restaurant. There is a nice old couple there, Jim and Olive, that we like to talk to. Today we sat at their table to eat.

They'd never guess she has dementia, as she is able to carry on a good conversation without getting mixed up.

I already told Jim she does have dementia, and he told me his wife also has early dementia. Olive starts talking to strangers and won't stop. That is often a sign. Eventually Jim has to drag her away, saying, "Olive, come on and eat your dinner and stop annoying people while they're eating!"

She doesn't mind and it makes her stop! She is quite interesting to talk to, but she won't often let you get a word in and she does repeat the same stories. Mum doesn't know she's repeating the same stories because she can't remember. So it works out well.

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