Thursday, February 11, 2010

2003: was that where it started?

My daughter, who is in the Air Force, rang me today. She recalled when she thought Nana started having memory problems. She said it was when she came back from the other side of the country at the time she gave evidence in my brother's divorce case.

She hadn't wanted to give evidence, as she really likes my former sister in law and didn't want to say anything negative about either her or her son.

She had become very confused over there with all the shouting and nastiness that was going on. I rang her once and I told her to go to the doctor as I thought she'd had a stroke, her short term memory was so bad. She wasn't making any sense at all.

But within a few days, this had passed and she was normal again.

I think that may be our earliest memory of the current problem, though, 2003; seven years ago. None of us can recall anything prior to that which might have rung warning bells.

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