Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another fairly good day

Mum has been good this week. She's been very alert and able to remember nearly everything she needs to. However we did have a problem with the old doorbell. I found the attachment that goes ding-dong and went to throw it in the bin. She said, "Don't throw that out, I put it in my pocket when I go outside so I know if anyone's at the door." I said "It won't go ding-dong then, because that's the old one that doesn't work. Remember how we got a handyman in and he tried to fix it but he had to get you a new one?" "It's not broken, it still works!" she said, getting agitated. At this point I should have let her keep the bloody thing and got rid of it when she wasn't looking. But I picked it up and headed for the bin and that's when she nearly whacked me, but I jumped out of the way just in time.

Why am I so dumb that I can't remember not to disagree with her, but to do things that need to be done when she isn't watching?

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