Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A miserable day in court

As I've noted before, this illness has torn my family apart. Today I had to appear in court to give evidence as the police applied for an Apprehend Violence Order against 'a family member' who has been acting crazy since he realized Mum is so unwell.

The application was successful, but he is appealing against it.

I was so upset to have false accusations thrown at me. But today, I spoke to an old colleague who had the same thing happen in her family. She had guardianship of her mother and suddenly her sister started accusing her of stealing from her mother. It wasn't true, but the matter went to the Guardianship Tribunal, where my friend was exonerated.

Why does this have to happen? Right when we need help and support from our families they suddenly turn against us.

Such is the life of the carer.

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