Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Confusing Letter

I wish Mum lived in the same street as me, at least. Then I could help her when there's some small problem. Last night I was already in my pyjamas when she rang and said she'd just opened a letter from the hospital. She has very poor eyesight but I could tell that her lack of comprehension went a lot further than that. She was like a dyslexic person trying to read that letter. I was trying to figure out what it was about but she was only giving me a word here and there. Finally she read the word 'infusion' so I knew it must be a letter about the iron infusion she has to have. I told her I couldn't go over there as I was ready for bed. She usually gets very cranky when I say I can't, or won't, come over. Being unable to comprehend written words is a new development. She was writing herself notes to remind herself about things, but she started saying "I can't read my own writing!" My brother was ringing and shouting at her about a nurse he sent to visit her and find out what was wrong with her, since he thinks I am lying about everything, and she couldn't remember what the nurse had said. So I typed it up in huge letters on an A4 sheet and left it by the phone. Even so she couldn't read the message to my brother, whose newfound interest in his mother and dislike of me is causing all kinds of problems. I wish he'd just go back to the way he was, ignoring Mum on her birthday and Mothers Day and only talking to her when she would call him. He was a lot less trouble then. But he is paranoid that I am taking her money. Maybe there is something wrong with him too, even though he's only 50 years old. Change of personality, paranoia....or maybe I am just paranoid about paranoia.

I just hope that by the time I get to her house she hasn't lost that letter. I'm making a mental note to advise the hospital and all doctors to send letters only to me.

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