Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Flood

Today was so terribly hot that we didn't go out for lunch. Instead I bought some sausage rolls and cream buns and took them over for Mum. I went home and at 6.30 pm I had a panicking phone call from her. I had to hurry back to her house.

Apparently she vaguely remembers planning to wash the dishes. She thinks she remembers turning on the tap. Then she woke up on the lounge to the sound of running water.

She was just horrified to find the kitchen taps had been running with the plug in the sink for a couple of hours.

The house is a terrible mess. I'll ring the insurance company tomorrow and see if they will cover it.

I think she has had another one of those strange fits, like she had on the plane, where her eyes were wide open and she was just staring straight ahead for over an hour. She looked like she was dead. I think she's just had time to make it to the lounge and lie down before passing out.

It is so frightening. I don't think she is safe in that house on her own at night any more. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to take her away from her house and her cat. But it's getting more dangerous day by day.

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