Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday and a Vacuum Cleaner

I don't live at Mum's place. She lives about a kilometre from me. So she's always ringing me up in a panic. Today she rang and said, "There's something wrong with that new vacuum cleaner. It hasn't got one of those things that lets you get close to the floor."

When I arrived I was astounded to find that she'd tried to vacuum the floor with the new vacuum cleaner without a hose! She'd gone all through the house holding the cleaner upside down with the hole the flexible hose plugs into sucking up the dirt.

I can't believe she did that! Wow, that is so weird! I got the hose and plugged it in. I showed her how it worked. I didn't think to leave the hose plugged in; I assumed she remembered how vacuum cleaners work.

But she doesn't. A very worrying sign. Still, I could see the humour in it.

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