Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Messagebank has to go

I had Messagebank on my phone. Unfortunately, this was an opportunity for Mum to leave a series of panicked messages when she was unable to get me, either because I was out or had pulled the plug on the phone for some peace.

When she can't get me to make demands on me she gets very frustrated and angry and I couldn't handle these messages any more after I found 11 in one morning. I had decided to sleep in, so I pulled the plug on the phone, knowing Mum would be at me from 7.30 a.m. Being Australia Day, I just wanted at least one day of rest.

She still knows what an engaged signal means and if she hears that, she might decide to give up trying to call me, realizing I am not going to let her through. I don't care what she does to be honest, she can knock on the neighbours' door or CALL SOMEONE ELSE, BUT LEAVE ME ALONE. If these were REAL problems that she has, it would be different. But it's always imagined problems or small things that don't matter, such as losing her glasses (I can find them when I get there the next day).

Dialling Message Bank and then having to listen to all her messages has been stressing me out of my brain. Often she gets more and more angry, eventually shouting "Never contact me again, I am finished with you!" or something like that.

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