Saturday, January 9, 2010

Calling 000

Four weeks ago, Mum thought she heard someone trying to break down the back door. That's why she ended up getting a new security door. There's really no evidence that anyone was there, and since they allegedly went away when she turned all the lights on, they weren't very good burglars.

Mum called 000. Apparently the operator didn't put her through to police. She said something like "There there dear, you're safe now, just go back to sleep." So Mum must have sounded really confused and strange, or they would have put her through.

For the next three days, Mum told me and the neighbours that she called 000 'last night' because someone was breaking in. I hope she didn't, but she might have. I wonder if they'll get my name and phone number and tell me to make her stop.

I left one of my watch dogs with her for a few nights but she still thought someone was trying to get in. They'd have some nasty bite marks on them if they did.

I wrote the number for the police in big letters and stuck the piece of paper above the phone so hopefully she'll call them and not the emergency number. They might be better able to deal with her calls than the 000 operators.

I've taken away her phone book and replaced it with one containing only the numbers of her friends and relatives, to stop her ringing plumbers and electricians and tree loppers and handymen. If I don't stop her, she'll use up every cent she's got getting things done that don't need doing.

She's really paranoid about the beautiful fifty year old paperbark tree in the yard. It's not going anywhere. I'm determined it won't be chopped down.

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