Sunday, January 24, 2010

My whole family has been destroyed by this

Mum's illness has caused the family to split and the rift will never go away. My brother has continually denied anything is happening. He's called me a liar whenever I've asked for help and now his anger has escalated to the point where he's been ringing Mum and abusing her, demanding that she stop me from looking after her and accusing me of taking her money.

I think it came to a head when I used my frequent flyer points to take her on holiday to Townsville. He thought I had used her money for the holiday. He was demanding an audit of her bank accounts and he shouted at her and demanded a copy of her will, which she sent to him even though I told her he is not entitled to have it.

She was puzzled when she rang him to say what a nice holiday she had and all he could do was shout and say "I don't want to hear about it." How could anyone shout at and abuse their own mother?

I have only one brother, and only two nieces and a nephew. I probably won't ever see any of them again. It is a shocking thing to happen, right when I needed someone to support and help me with Mum.

The other day, my brother and his de facto came down to see Mum and obviously to make trouble. They live 250 kms away which is one thing to be grateful for. I had to be at Mum's place to talk to the Homecare lady about cleaning help for Mum. I can't clean her house as well as mine as I have chronic fatigue. I went to the door and I heard his voice, telling Mum what to do and putting me down. So I knocked on the door and Mum came. She said "You can't come in, your brother's here." I said I had to be back in 20 minutes because of the Homecare visit. I went away and came back. They were still there. I went and sat in the loungeroom, trying to stay out of their way, but I could hear what my brother and his de facto were saying to Mum, trying to convince her I am the worst person in the world and even calling Mum a liar. I had had enough, so I took the guardianship document out of my handbag and went to the kitchen door. I said "You can't come down here shouting and abusing Mum! I have guardianship and I want you to leave now."

Then my brother assaulted me. It was terrible.

I have been to the police and they have applied for an Apprehend Violence Order.

I would be happy if he'd just sign an agreement to stop verbally abusing and harassing me and his mother and if he'd agree to attend a Community Justice Centre to talk about how this situation has escalated and what can be done about it. He'd never agree to talk to me though. So I guess it will be settled in court.

He will have the free services of the Navy solicitor so I hope the police prosecutor is good.

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