Monday, April 5, 2010

We survived Easter with barely a scratch

I collected Mum from her house in the morning. She came for a stroll on the beach with the dogs. The baked dinner turned out well. Mum didn't approve of my cooking methods or the meat (being the daughter of a butcher, she's very fussy). But she cleaned up her plate, then wanted to be taken home. After I took her home, she rang and asked why I had 'dumped' her there. But when I said I'd come and bring her back, she said no, she was going to bed.

So all was well. She even looked happy at the table. She ate a few Easter eggs. It's a bloody miracle.


  1. We took Easter to my Moms. We thought it would be easier for her to be at her house. I ended up terribly sick and couldnt go. Mom has many "rules" for her kitchen and we won't be doing this again at her house. She thinks nothing can go down her garbage disposal and if you put anything in the garbage it had to be taken out because it would smell. She had to go wake a sleeping cat and take him to a window to look outside because "this is the time he likes to look out the window". Poor cat was trying to get away. too many odd things to mention here. Its sad though, this is her way of tryin to hold on to normal.

  2. It's all very funny when you look back, Debbie!


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