Thursday, April 15, 2010

We had a nice day out

My daughter came over from Adelaide and we took Mum on a few outings. We went to the seaside town where she spent all her holidays from 1926. Her father had a holiday house there and a boat called Fiesta. She had fun walking on the beach and having an ice cream in the main street.

We went to Mount Kembla pub for lunch and it was great. She ate all her steak and vegies. We also went to Mount Keira Lookout.

I'm sure she enjoyed herself and she's remembered these outings for a whole week. I hope she keeps remembering them, because she sure as hell never knows what day it is.

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  1. Oh Lorelei, Your pictures are so beautiful! We've only been to Australia once, and that was to Sidney; you have a beautiful country!

    It's so good to read that you, your daughter and mother had some good times together. Make memories and hang onto those memories with those wonderful pictures.
    Thinking of you,


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