Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013

I went and collected Mum from the nursing home at 10 a.m. We opened our presents. She knew it was Christmas but was very quiet. She just sits quietly now because she can't think of anything to get angry about. It's a peaceful stage of the disease but also very sad. The life force is slowly leaving her. As we were eating on the veranda she kept getting cold and needing another cardigan. It was actually a hot summer day. So, someone would go to the wardrobe to get another cardigan and as the merriment continued she ended up with seven or eight cardigans, one on top of the other. Still saying "I'm cold." She also kept getting out of her chair and trying to leave her food and go back inside. The last couple of years we've had to spike her drink to stop her being angry and aggressive but this year she was just passive.

At Christmas dinner we had two of her grandchildren and my student from Nepal. It was a very happy day for all.


The cute dachshund Otzi

Tapir chills out with a drink

After chasing her Christmas toy all around the house Otzi falls asleep on it.

Mum loves her Christmas photo

Barney the Greyhound waits for Christmas cats to eat

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