Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's dark in my brain today

Sometimes Mum has amazing insight into her condition. The other day when I picked her up to take her out, she just couldn't put the seatbelt on. "The seatbelt Mum, not the seat! No!" I said. And she replied:

"I just can't do it. It's dark in my brain today."

That is just so descriptive of what she's going through. It gave me insight into how her brain feels. It sometimes feels like night has descended.

On the positive side we've had lots of nice outings and she's still able to enjoy them.

These photos are from a trip to the little seaside town of Huskisson on the South Coast of N.S.W. where her parents had a holiday house from 1931 to 1986.

She wasn't sure where she was so I had to keep reminding her. She went for a very long walk around the beach and the town.

She enjoyed listening to some music, too.

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