Saturday, July 13, 2013

June 2013

Mum hasn't changed much in recent months. I've been able to take her for two nights away in the country to see her cousin.

I still pick her up every Saturday and take her to my house for the day. Sometimes we go shopping, sometimes to the beach. I know that this will come to an end as she gets more difficult to manage. But so far I'm managing, though by the end of the day I'm exhausted from constantly watching her and doing everything for her.

On the positive side, the anti-psychotic medication seems to have got rid of the imaginary people and voices. (By the way readers, it is not caused by a UTI. Mum is under the care of a specialist and the psychosis is caused by the disease. Some people develop psychosis similar to schizophrenia and some don't).

Here she is at my place eating a baked dinner. She ate most of it, too. 


  1. My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. it is NOT the "horror lingering death sentence" tHEY want US TO BELIVE it is. go google "alzheimers reading room".. WE DO THIS TOGETHER. the imaginary people and voices are MOST LIKELY an URINARY TRACT INFECTion.. wow. WHO would have thougth that? BUT CHECK IT OUT. probably IS.. ok. so also hospital visits, stays. DO THAT as well.

    ALSO go read the book. "i'm still here" GOOD advice. READ IT.

    TREATMENT. no. NO CURE. but there is also NO CURE for diabestes or aids. BUT those who have these diseases LIVE ON. and PROSPER if you will. the BIG A sends SHUDDERS to ALL OF US.. but WHY do we all think. ALZHEIMERS..GONER. and don't even TRY to WORK WITH IT. to TREAT it.. ??? ARICEPT and NAMBIA.. IF your mom is NOT on BOTH of these meds. BOTH of em.. PITCH A FIT til she IS..

    your mother is just DEEPLY FORGETFUL. she IS IN THERE AND she IS A PERSON. again. JOIN "alzheimers reading room" and RE LEARN what the others would THInk you do NOT NEED TO KNOW..

    there are SO MANY in YOUR shoes.. it is NOT a DEATH SENTANCE.... IT IS A NEW WAY of looking at things... a DIFFERENT world.. COME ONNN. YOU ARE A WARRIOR.... FIGHT FOR HER.. WHO ELSE WILL???

  2. Glad they found a med that works for that.
    The disease is nothing like what you expect!
    Right now it seems like a "tip of the tongue" forgetfulness that keeps growing and growing. Very slowly, and you are aware of it.
    nothing like what people think happens. People just say
    does she know who you are? Like that is what suddenly happens.
    My mother is 86 and quite fit also,and exhausting wanting to go for walks so I dont get any housework done.
    Strength and peace!

  3. Caring for a spouse, parent or a loved one with memory loss, Alzheimer's disease or any other types of dementia requires a commitment to cope each day with patience, compassion and flexibility.

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  4. Caring for my father who had dementia was not easy, this is a very debilating illness but it is not a hopeless situation. There are good days and there are still natural things like diet and music which can help stimulate the brain my mother has dementia

  5. My dad suffered very bad Alzhiemer’s after HOURS searching online and ringing doctors i found an interesting website it worked very well my dad is now recovering!


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