Sunday, December 30, 2012

Solving the jewellery problem

Mum is always asking where her jewellery is. She's never happy with the response, it's in her jewellery box under my bed. She wants to have that box to check that everything is in there. But she no longer remembers what jewellery she has.

Now she's in the nursing home again (after 10 hellish months at my house) I didn't want to give her any of her jewellery, some of which is from her great great grandmother and is 150 years old. She might lose it, break it or give it away.

I had an idea. I went to the Salvation Army second hand shop and bought $50 worth of old jewellery - a watch, rings, brooches, bracelets and necklaces. 

Here it is in the picture.

I recently bought a CD cabinet which has many small drawers that Mum can spend time rummaging through. In the CD cabinet I have put lots of interesting things, as well as chocolates in one drawer, lollies in another and loose photos in another. People with Alzheimers love to rummage.

Now there are three drawers containing jewellery. When I visited her yesterday, she was wearing one of the rings and the watch. 

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  1. Perfect idea!! I will remember this-
    yes, they love to rummage.


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