Monday, September 17, 2012

Two days of 'nice', thanks to the Commonwealth Bank

I can't believe it. For the past 2 days, Mum has been 'nice'. I can't recall any 'nice' days in years. She's always belligerent, nasty, paranoid and generally horrible. But yesterday and today, she's done nothing wrong. She's done everything I asked her to. She hasn't minded my supervising the toilet and shower. She hasn't demanded that the cats be let in at night.

It's funny, but on Saturday night I had to ring the Commonwealth Bank to re-invest Mum's money. It was the only time I had the time to do it. The lady who answered the phone could hear Mum playing up in the background and said she'd say a prayer for her.

Well, maybe it's co-incidence, but it appears to have worked.

Mum on Anzac Day wearing Uncle Jim's medals

Mum on her 86th birthday, 13th September 2012

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