Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Shufflehop Stomp

Most days I collect Mum and we take the dogs for a long walk, either by the beach or near the harbour. The last few times, she's walked normally for a short while and then started this shuffle-hop-stomp walk. She stamps her feet onto the ground and lifts her legs high in the air, or else she shuffles her feet. If I say to her, "Mum, what are you doing? Walk properly!" she will make some excuse - "I was listening to the sand squeak", "I was enjoying the sound of the gravel" - and walk normally for a minute or so. Then the strange walk will start again. It seems when she is aware of her walking, she doesn't do it, but as soon as her mind wanders off the task, the shufflehop stomp starts again. I think this is a bad sign of progression of the disease. The neurologist told me last week he is quite sure there are now two dementias happening, both vascular and Alzheimers. This is very depressing.
The dogs like to walk with Mum.
Mum at the beach where we walk.


  1. It is depressing seeing someone lose themselves, I struggle with this with my Mum as well but I just hope that the small pleasures she still gets are worthwhile to her. It feels bad because we are the ones who are making all the decisions for them now when they used to be strong independent women, I find this the hardest to reconcile with but unfortunately there is no other option. I see a sadness in my Mum's eyes and it is like she knows that she is lost, she is getting skinnier by the day, it is just so sad this dementia and the sooner they find a cure the better or a way of preventing it happening.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and am so thankful that I did. I don't feel so alone now. My mom was recently diagnosed with moderate dementia. Many of the behaviors that you stated in your previous posts, she does. Removing pix off the wall (do you know why this happens?). Packing all of her clothes and placing them near the front door (she says that she is going home but she is home.). Showering is few and far between. And others that I won't burden you with. Long story short, thank you for your blog :)

    On another note, your dogs are beautiful and your farm design is very nice :)

    BIG hugs to you!

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  4. Thank you for your comments. I haven't been back here for over a month as I've been a bit depressed about it all. I don't know why they take pictures off the wall. It's very annoying though. I suppose it's best to have no pictures on the wall, then you can't get upset by it.

  5. By the way Raising Addie, please check out the Alzheimers Reading Room.

  6. I understand what you're saying about going for a walk, and the walk issues. David seems to be marching...and lifting his legs high and stomping his feet.
    We're big animal lovers, they're such a comfort.


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