Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Cat Food Battle

The battle of the Cat Food continues. Yesterday Mum walked down to the mall by herself before I got to her house. She admitted to me that she had terrible trouble finding her way out (she says this is because of her bad eyesight but I know it's more than that) and had to walk round and round looking for the exit.

So, at the mall she went to Coles and bought about 20 of those little expensive gourmet tins of cat food at $1.80 each. She also bought another cat food dish - she has 7 or 8 now.

When I arrived at her house, the old problem had happened again. I found several tins half-opened and left in the cupboard to go bad. I found two plates - not cat food plates but parts of her dinner set - full of cat food and 'hidden' by saucers on top so I couldn't find them, in the fridge. And about 4 plates of cat food on the floor in various parts of the house.

All up about 9 tins of cat food had been wasted (the cat was not hungry as I fed her a few hours before) at a cost of $16. I can't allow this waste of money to continue so I said to her, "Mum, you have tins of cat food EVERYWHERE. You have to let me take care of the cat food!"

I always say things I wish I hadn't. She didn't know there were tins of cat food and plates of cat food all over the place. She denied this and said I was making it up to make her look 'mad'. She shouted and ranted about my efforts to kill the cat by starvation because I hate the cat.

I have three cats, all shiny and well fed - but not fat.

There were a lot of nasty words said as I disposed of the excess cat food and hid the tins that were left when she wasn't looking.

Then I put two tins on the kitchen cupboard, one labelled 'WEDNESDAY' and the other 'THURSDAY', but I know I'm wasting my time, by later today she'll have opened both of them and put them on the floor, probably on plates she expects people to eat from.

I should have taken the two nice dinner sets to my house and hidden them months ago. I cannot offer them to family members now, once she has gone to her rest. I don't know which plates the cat has eaten off. I will probably just throw the dinner sets out one day. Am I being over-fussy?


  1. My Alzheimers mother is also obsessed with her cat. Dragging him up from a nap to take him to look out the window. bowls of water everywhere. Wiping him down with baby wipes.

    I dont think the dishes absorb any catfood. Washing them in a dishwasher should be fine for re=use.

  2. Thanks Debbie, not many people bother with dishwashers in Australia, most of us wash by hand, but if I soak the plates in bleach that should clean them well enough. Mum's whole life revolves around the cat. Sometimes I wish the cat would just die of old age as it drives me nuts, but then she'd get obsessed with my cats instead I suppose. She is very paranoid about the cat, too. If it's out of sight, she'll say it's 'gone' and start looking all around the house for it. She had a cat-door put in a couple of years back so it can let itself out to the toilet, but now she locks the cat in all the time because 'someone' might kill the cat if it goes outside, or a dog might jump the fence and get it.


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